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Can I get a conditional license after a DUI arrest?

Following a DUI arrest, in most states, your license will be suspended by the department of motor vehicles. You may qualify for a conditional license, however, depending on your personal circumstances and the circumstances of your arrest. Regulations will vary between states, so one of the best ways to find out about your options is to contact an experienced DUI attorney.

How to apply for a conditional license

In most states, following a DUI, you will have 10 days to file for a hearing with the department of motor vehicles. At this DUI hearing, you can contest the suspension of your license or apply for a conditional one. A conditional license is likely bound by certain parameters, allowing you to drive only in certain necessary areas or at certain times of the day.

Many conditional licenses are issued for work purposes, so you will be allowed to commute, but may not be able to legally drive after your workday has ended.

The likelihood of obtaining a conditional license
Ask an experienced DUI attorney for advice before applying for a conditional license. A number of factors, including your number of DUI arrests, the nature of your arrest and your recorded BAC level may affect your ability to obtain a conditional or work license.

If this is your first DUI and you recorded a BAC level of 0.06, under the legal limit, for instance, it's more likely that you will be granted a conditional license than if it is your third DUI arrest and you have a recorded BAC level of 0.2 and resist arrest.

Requirements for a conditional license
In many states, you will be granted a conditional license only after you fulfill a certain number of requirements. These may include fines and fees, community service enrollment and participation in an alcohol abuse and responsibility class.

You will also have to maintain your auto insurance in order to continue driving, and this will likely require a significant financial investment as your rates will go up once you get a DUI. Talk to your insurance company about special rates for people who have a DUI on their record, and shop around for the best rate. Some insurance companies will allow you to maintain coverage following a DUI, though others do not provide coverage.