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Can I get car insurance after a DUI?

If you're convicted of a DUI, it may be difficult to maintain your current auto insurance coverage. In most cases, premiums will either dramatically go up or your provider will drop your coverage altogether. A DUI conviction often comes with necessary court and legal fees in addition to fines, and in order to maintain car insurance coverage, you'll most likely want to shop around for the lowest rate to minimize expenses.

Maintaining coverage
Following a DUI conviction, your car insurance rates are likely to increase. Despite the fact that this may be a difficult expense to endure, in the long run, it's best to maintain your coverage if at all possible. Several insurance outlets and DUI lawyers and advisers note that a lapse in insurance coverage is ultimately more damaging to premiums than paying at an increased rate.

If your car insurance provider is willing to maintain your active policy, ask about rate increases, then shop around to see if there is any financial benefit to switching providers. In some cases, if you have used the same insurer for a significant amount of time, you might have a little leverage. Explaining the circumstances of your conviction, see if there is any way to lower your increased rate.

Filing properly and effectively
When you are convicted of DUI, in order to maintain insurance coverage you will have to file a SR-22 form. This form is required for anyone convicted of a DUI who is seeking insurance coverage or renewal. If your insurance provider accepts SR-22 applications, submit the form to get a quote. Submission typically places you in a "high risk" driver category, and your premiums will increase. You can then submit the form to other providers to shop around for the best rate.

Conditional license insurance
Sometimes a DUI conviction will lead to loss or suspension of your license. If this is the case, contact an attorney and insurance agent to see what the best plan of action is going forward. In certain situations, maintaining insurance coverage despite a license suspension may save you money in the long run, but it's best to explore all your options.

Sometimes a DUI conviction will lead to a conditional license suspension, and you will be allowed to use your car only in certain situations, like to drive to and from work. If an insurance company accepts SR-22 clients, it is required by law to insure conditional or restricted license drivers.