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Work Permit (see Also Restricted License)

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Definition - What does Work Permit (see Also Restricted License) mean?

Some states will allow a driver who has been arrested and has had their license suspended for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) to request a work permit. Not all drivers are eligible to request a work permit. Drivers under the age of 21 or who have multiple DUI convictions may not qualify.

Work permits allow drivers to drive to certain places. Driving to any place that is not approved may result in another arrest and a revocation of the work permit. Additional time will also generally be added to the license suspension. Drivers who are charged with additional moving traffic violations while using a work permit will have to surrender their work permit and must wait a specified time period to reapply for another work permit.

Work permit conditions are clearly outlined prior to its issuance and can include where the driver can drive, the routes they must take, the type of vehicle which can be driven and the hours of operation. The state will determine when a driver's full driving privileges are reinstated.

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