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Wet Reckless

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Definition - What does Wet Reckless mean?

A driver in the state of California may be charged with "wet reckless" which means they have been involved in an alcohol related driving offense. Wet reckless charges may be offered as the first level of reductions that the prosecution may be willing to offer in a DUI case and may keep the driver from being charged with DUI.

Drivers with multiple DUI charges who are charged and convicted of a wet reckless may avoid mandatory sentence enhancements. Wet reckless charges will also allow for shorter county jail sentences, shorter probation periods, reduced fines, shorter DUI education courses and no mandatory license suspensions.

There are some downsides to a wet reckless charge. A wet reckless charge may count as a prior DUI conviction if a driver is charged with another DUI within 10 years of their wet reckless conviction. The state may still be allowed to suspend the driver's license, and the driver may lose their right to a Department of Motor Vehicle Hearing. Finally, the insurance company may treat a driver's wet reckless conviction as if it was a DUI and either raise the driver's premiums or cancel their insurance policy.

DUI attorneys suggest the main benefits of a wet reckless conviction may not be realized until a second-offense DUI conviction. Professionals may especially benefit from a wet reckless charge because it is reported as a reckless driving charge rather than a DUI.

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  • A Wet Reckless -- is really a kinder, gentler DUI, a watered down DUI if you will. It is a 'prior' on your record, which means if you get another DUI in the next 10 years it will be considered your second DUI because the Wet Reckless counts against you just like a first time DUI.

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