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Definition - What does Sentencing mean?

Sentencing is the punishment for a crime which has been committed. If a driver is charged and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, unless their case is dismissed, they will be sentenced. DUI penalties can include paying a fine, spending time in jail, serving probation, performing community service, attending a drug or alcohol treatment class, revocation of a driver's license or installing an Ignition Interlock Device on the driver's car.

Sentencing will occur several weeks or months after the driver has been convicted of DUI. The trial judge will notify the driver of their sentencing date. Judges review state laws and vehicle statutes to determine the type of sentence a driver will receive. If the driver is convicted of a misdemeanor DUI the judge may, in some states, have some discretion to choose an appropriate sentence.

DUI penalties and the final sentence imposed on the driver may vary not only by state but also by the specifics of the driver's case. If the driver had a high blood alcohol concentration at the time of the arrest, caused serious injury or death, or had a history of DUI, the penalties can be much more severe. The judge will also allow the driver to make a statement prior to sentencing. All statements should be discussed with a DUI lawyer.

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