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Remove Intoxicated Drivers (rid)

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Definition - What does Remove Intoxicated Drivers (rid) mean?

Remove Intoxicated Drivers or RID is similar to other national groups that fight to stop drunk driving or DUI throughout the United States. This organization, established in 1978 by Doris Aiken, pre-dates more well-known organizations such as Mother's Against Drunk Driving. Remove Intoxicated Drivers does not hire professional fundraisers, and instead, helps to serve its interests by dedicating over 90% of the funds it gathers to their DUI programs.

The goals of the RID program are similar to the objectives of other advocacy groups and include the following:

  • Reduce the incidence of driving under the influence
  • Help victims by advocating for them
  • Promote the passage of tough laws against DUI
  • Reduce the incidence of underage drinking
  • Help to promote the enforcement of DUI measures and laws

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