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Provisional License (see Also Hardship License)

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Definition - What does Provisional License (see Also Hardship License) mean?

Drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol may have their license suspended. Under certain conditions a driver may be allowed to request a provisional license. Provisional licenses may be granted for certain limited reasons such as going to work, going to the grocery story or going to school.

Most states will grant a provisional license to drivers who are first time DUI offenders unless the driver's BAC is extremely high. States generally will not grant a provisional license if a driver refused to submit to a blood alcohol concentration test at the time of their DUI arrest.

Some states, such as Colorado, are more likely to grant a provisional license to drivers who have entered a state approved alcohol treatment program. This may convince the judge that the driver is proactively taking steps to control their issues. Drivers may have their provisional license revoked for any type of moving traffic violation.

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  • Hardship License -- reestablishing full driving privileges is generally not allowed, but many states may allow drivers to apply for a hardship license which allows the driver's license to be reissued or reinstated under very specific conditions.

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