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Prosecuting Attorney

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Definition - What does Prosecuting Attorney mean?

The prosecuting attorney in a DUI case has the responsibility to prove that the DUI charges against the defendant are valid, thus proving the guilt of the defendant. The DUI prosecuting attorney represents the state and the county in the location where they are elected to serve.

The prosecutor administers justice in their jurisdiction. In large cities there may be many prosecuting lawyers. With the increased pressure from powerful lobby groups to eliminate DUI and the resulting injuries and deaths which accompany DUI, the prosecutor has a very important job.

The prosecutor must work feverishly to review DUI cases and make sure that for each DUI case there is enough evidence to convict the driver. If there is not sufficient evidence the prosecutor may push for a reduction in charges or a dismissal of the DUI case.

Drivers who have been convicted of DUI should contact a DUI defense lawyer who can review the evidence of the DUI case and determine what steps should be taken to either reduce the charges or take the DUI case to trial.

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