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Not Guilty

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Definition - What does Not Guilty mean?

Drivers charged with driving under the influence or DUI must enter a plea. In most states the options are not guilty or guilty. The entering of a plea is generally done soon after the arrest, and the defendant may or may not have had time to consult with their DUI lawyer.

Drivers who enter a guilty plea have admitted they have committed the crime and have relieved the state of the obligation to provide evidence of guilt or prove their DUI case in court. Another option to pleading guilty is pleading not guilty. Pleading not guilty does not mean that the defendant may not ultimately plead guilty, but it does allow the defendant time to consult with their DUI lawyer and potentially negotiate a plea agreement with the state's prosecuting lawyer. Pleading not guilty provides the defendant with more opportunities to consider all of their legal options and negotiate a sentence after an investigation and plea negotiations have been finished.

Not guilty may or may not mean the defendant actually committed the crime. It could mean they are innocent, but it also could mean they want the option to talk to their DUI attorney, evaluate the DUI evidence, talk to the prosecuting attorney and evaluate all of their legal options.

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