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Happy Hour Laws

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Definition - What does Happy Hour Laws mean?

The Happy Hour Laws is a set of laws that prohibits certain actions on the part of a restaurant or bar which serves drinks. The Happy Hour Law does not allow the following:

  • Serving two or more drinks to the same individual at the same time for their consumption, excluding wine by the bottle or carafe.
  • Serving an unlimited number of drinks during a certain period of time
  • Reducing or changing prices during the businesses normal hours. For example all customers must be required to pay the same prices for all drinks for the entire day.
  • Promoting games which encourage patrons to drink alcoholic beverages or awarding drinks as prizes for winning a game
  • Advertising for any of the above practices

Happy hour laws do allow businesses to:

  • Sell pitchers of alcohol which are generally served in this manner to 2 or more customers
  • Offer free entertainment and food
  • To charge more for drinks instead of asking customers to pay a cover charge for special entertainment
  • Include drinks to be served as part of a packaged meal

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