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Electronic Home Monitoring (ehm)

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Definition - What does Electronic Home Monitoring (ehm) mean?

Electronic home monitoring allows a defendant to remain confined to their home or residence under conditions outlined by the court. Judges may require defendants to remain confined to their homes instead of sentencing them to jail. In some cases the court may allow a defendant to leave their residence to attend school or work.

The court may also require the defendant to submit to blood alcohol concentration tests while under electronic home monitoring. Failure to follow the terms of the electronic home monitoring program will allow the courts to terminate the program and impose other penalties such as a jail sentence. Electronic home monitoring can also be used during pretrial to maintain intensive supervision of defendants or to monitor defendants who are on probation.

EHM systems monitor defenders through an ankle bracelet that sends a continuous coded signal to an Electronic monitoring unit and can detect any attempt of the individual wearing the monitor to leave their home. Any attempt to modify the EHM unit or remove the bracelet can also be detected by the EHM unit. All collected date from the EHM is sent via the home residence telephone line to the EHM provider. Status reports may also be sent to the court. Defenders may also be required to wear an EHM as a condition of their release from custody while they are awaiting their trial.

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