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DUI School

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Definition - What does DUI School mean?

DUI school are educational classes that courts may require drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to attend in order to restore their driving privileges. DUI classes teach drivers the dangers of operating a motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs and how to prevent future driving infractions. The option to attend DUI School may be offered primarily to first time offenders to help them avoid other harsh DUI penalties such as extended probation or jail time.

Many DUI offenders may also be required to complete DUI education as a requirement for reinstating their driving privileges. DUI education courses should be taken from a state approved provider. A list of approved DUI schools is generally provided to offenders. The topics covered and the length of the course may vary by state.

Drivers who have had multiple DUI convictions may have to take longer DUI education courses. The type and the extent of the DUI classes may be determined by a judge or a counselor. The cost is not free and often the driver must pay for the classes in addition to other court imposed fees and penalties. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction may end up costing the convicted driver thousands of dollars in legal fees, court costs and DUI penalties. DUI school costs are just part of the overall cost of a DUI conviction.

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