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Driver Responsibility Tax

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Definition - What does Driver Responsibility Tax mean?

The Driver Responsibility tax, imposed by certain states to tax or fine drivers for certain driving offenses, can increase the cost for a DUI conviction. Driver responsibility taxes have been imposed on drivers convicted of DUI and are in addition to DUI fines, penalties and court costs. In some states the tax could range from $250 to $2000 for certain driving offenses. Some states also include an annual tax that is imposed on drivers who have a certain number of "points" on their licenses each year. Drivers who fail to pay their driver responsibility tax or yearly tax assessment for poor driving records may face a license suspension.

Some states have attempted to repeal such taxes claiming "the [driver responsibility] laws do not promote justice and safety on the roads". Implementing driver responsibility laws in some states, such as Michigan, caused skyrocketing license suspensions and dramatically increased the number of drivers who were operating a motorized vehicle without a license.

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