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Driver's License Record

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Definition - What does Driver's License Record mean?

The Department of Public Safety maintains a driving license record for each driver in the state. Driving license records can include all the driving history for a driver from the date that they began to drive such as:

  • Driving history including speeding tickets and other driving violations
  • The driver's personal history including their name, address, date of birth, sex, height, eye color, driver's license number, Social Security Number, telephone number, medical and disability restrictions and a photograph of the driver
  • The status of the driver's license and in some states the number of points a driver has accrued from traffic violations which have been reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Whether a driver's license has expired, has been denied or has been revoked on a federal level
  • Whether the driver's license has been suspended and temporarily placed on hold by the driver's state

Driving records can generally be ordered online or in person. There are different types of driving records that can be requested, and each type will contain a different level of detail. Costs for driving records will vary, and there may be additional charges to order the record online. There are also third party service providers that can help drivers obtain their record. Third party services can eliminate the hassle of making the request and eliminate some of the turnaround time, but they will cost more.

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