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Department of Public Safety

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Definition - What does Department of Public Safety mean?

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a government department which enforces the state's laws and regulations. The goal of the Department of Public Safety is to protect and serve the state by enforcing traffic laws, preventing crime, apprehending criminals, enhancing public safety policies, strengthening statewide emergency management, educating the citizens of the state about public safety issues and providing top service to its constituents.

In the state of Texas the members of the Public Safety Commission (who monitor the Department of Public Safety) are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Texas Senate.

Information that is provided by the Department of Public Safety includes:

  • Crime statistics
  • ID theft
  • Child passenger safety information
  • New driving laws
  • Occupant restraint
  • Law enforcement education

The DPS also supports the sex offender registry, the reporting of suspicious activity, assisting stranded motorists and a variety of other victim services.

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