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Department of Motor Vehicles

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Definition - What does Department of Motor Vehicles mean?

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is part of the state government in the United States which monitors and regulates issues related to motorized vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles is also known by various names in different states and has offices in every state except Hawaii. In Hawaii the Department of Motor Vehicles services are performed by county governments.

The Department of Motor Vehicles performs many services, many of which can be done online. Common services include:

  • Obtaining a drivers license
  • Drivers license replacement
  • Reporting an abandoned vehicle
  • Updating an address
  • Purchasing license plates
  • Obtaining or renewing a disabled parking placard
  • Reporting a vehicle sold or traded
  • Replacing a title
  • Viewing a drivers license status
  • Obtaining a driver's record
  • Renewing an identification card
  • Duplicating a registration certificate

Most Americans have to eventually deal with the DMV, which is widely recognized for their poor customer service. Customers should visit the DMV website prior to visiting an office to determine if the requested service can be completed online.

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