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Criminal Defense Attorney

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Definition - What does Criminal Defense Attorney mean?

Penalties for DUI, including fines, loss of driving privileges, and jail time, make it increasingly important to find a criminal defense attorney who understands DUI laws. DUI convictions can result in a criminal conviction which can impact car insurance rates and future employment opportunities.

Criminal Defense attorneys help a variety of clients each year to defend against felony DUI and misdemeanor DUI charges. Criminal defense attorneys generally have a team of private detectives and forensic experts who can review DUI cases. After DUI criminal defense attorneys meet with their client they immediately begin investigating and reviewing police reports to prepare the DUI case. Criminal defense attorneys help their clients get a jump start on their DUI case by locating witnesses and reviewing forensic evidence.

Given the severity of losing a DUI case, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a history of winning DUI and DWI cases in your state. DUI laws can be complicated; a great criminal DWI lawyer can help navigate the legal maze of DUI law.

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