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Chemical Dependency Evaluation (cd)

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Definition - What does Chemical Dependency Evaluation (cd) mean?

In certain states a chemical dependency evaluation (CD) may be ordered after a DUI arrest. The court ordered CD test is used to determine if the driver has an alcohol problem and to assess the appropriate level of DUI treatment. Evaluations can consist not only of alcohol informational classes but also assessments which are conducted by a trained chemical dependency professional.

Chemical Dependency Evaluations can include all of the following:

  • History of the types of drugs or alcohol the driver has consumed
  • An interview with the patient
  • The amount, frequency and duration of the alcohol or drug use
  • The history of all previous treatments and education
  • The history of all legal issues
  • The patient's assessment of their own drug or alcohol use
  • Family history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • The patient's history of emotional or psychological problems
  • The ability of parents/guardians to participate in treatment
  • The patient's medical history
  • The patient's social history
  • The patient's symptoms
  • A physical assessment of the patient through laboratory findings and testing
  • Counseling for the patient to manage their chemical dependency

Chemical dependency evaluations are generally ordered by the court and may be required by the court before drug and/or alcohol related offenses are resolved.

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