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Maryland DUI laws just got tougher on October 1

Recently on our DUI forum a user asked, “I live in the State of Maryland. I know that DUI laws are complicated. I also heard that some new laws have been passed. How is the common citizen supposed to understand and keep abreast of all the Maryland DUI laws if they are changing all the time?”

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MMA Fighter’s son dies in apparent hit and run

CBS News reports that the baby son of a well-known Southern California MMA fighter has died after an apparent hit and run Saturday afternoon.

According to reports, the fighter’s son, Liam Mikael Kowal, was being pushed in his stroller by his aunt when they were hit by a SUV. The accident occurred at a crosswalk where the pair were crossing a street. The intersection has flashing yellow lights, but is not a stoplight.

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Fourth of July time to stay safe and sober

Everyone loves the Fourth of July. Friends and family gather together to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and watch fireworks. Unfortunately, all too often the festivities and celebrations turn tragic when someone drinks too much and decides to drive. In fact, the Fourth of July has become one of the deadliest holidays of the year in the United States.

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Supreme Court issues new ruling on warrantless breathalyzer test

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Minnesota DUI law that forces people suspected of driving under the influence to submit to blood tests without a warrant or risk potentially more severe penalties is not constitutional. They issued another ruling, however, that does allow law enforcement officers to administer a breathalyzer after a DUI arrest without a warrant.

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Sobriety checkpoints and the Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. BBQ, Beer and holiday festivities are on the calendar for families across the United States. Drivers should also be aware, however, that if they are not careful the Memorial Day Weekend could also mean a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, especially with the increased number of sobriety checkpoints across the nation.

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DUI checkpoints come under fire on Cinco de Mayo

Oakland police came under fire yesterday after several groups complained about the warnings which were issued by police in regards to the Cinco de Mayo holiday. The warnings, which were referred to as “Fiesta Time or Jail Times,” were criticized by several people due to their references to tequila and margaritas, two drinks which have become popular on May 5th. Continue reading

Implied Consent laws and new ruling by Arizona Supreme Court

The Arizona State Supreme Court ruled this Tuesday that police officers could no longer tell drivers who were arrested for driving under the influence that they are required to submit to a chemical test following a DUI arrest. This ruling contradicts early court decisions, as well as information which is currently included on state forms presented to the drivers. Continue reading

Ethan Couch moved to adult jail for DUI probation violations

By now most of us have heard about Ethan Couch, the convicted teen who killed four people in a drunken driving accident in 2013 and somehow managed to avoid any time in prison. CNN now reports that due to his probation violations and subsequent attempt to avoid arrest by fleeing to Mexico, he will be put in jail. The big news, however, is that Couch, who is now 18 years old and is considered an adult within the criminal justice system, will be moved to an adult jail.

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Josh Brent may return to Cowboys after prison

Back of Dallas Cowboys helmet

In a statement that is sure to shock some Cowboy fans, Stephen Jones has admitted that when Josh Brent is released from prison after serving time for his conviction for intoxication manslaughter charges in a drunk driving crash which killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown, the Cowboys may consider allowing him to return to the team.

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