Should I Hire A DUI Attorney?

Some legal issues can be handled without legal representation. A DUI arrest is not one of them. The average DUI attorney handles 300 cases per year and uses the experience from these case to help you minimize the consequences of your DUI arrest.

Can I Represent Myself after a DUI Arrest?

The decision to hire or not to hire a DUI attorney has nothing to do with your level of intelligence; it is simply a matter of experience and expertise. A lawyer goes to school for a number of years and chooses a specific field of law. Their knowledge of law is then coupled with experience once they begin representing clients.

DUI lawyers understand how a courtroom operates, the documents needed and how to maneuver through the court processes as quickly as possible. Your DUI lawyer is your representative and works for you.

Things You May Not Know About Your DUI Arrest

DUI penalties can be serious and long-lasting. An experienced DUI attorney will take a look at your DUI arrest and the way the police handled the evidence. Were the field sobriety tests and breathalyzer administered properly? Was your blood alcohol concentration determined correctly? A good DUI attorney can take advantage of mistakes made by police to have your DUI charges reduced or dropped.

Things to Consider before hiring a DUI Lawyer

Multiple DUI arrests

You should definitely hire a DUI attorney if you have multiple DUI convictions; if your DUI accident injured or killed another person; if you are a professional driver who must keep your license for your job; or if you are facing time in jail or a large fine.

Second DUI Arrest

You should take a hard look at hiring a DUI attorney if this is your second arrest for DUI or if your BAC was double your state’s legal limit.

First DUI Arrest

You should hire a DUI lawyer if you are unsure of your rights, unaware of your state’s laws, or uncertain of how to proceed after a DUI arrest. Drivers who could lose their professional license from a DUI conviction should also talk to a DUI lawyer.

Keep in mind that a qualified DUI attorney can help you sort out the specifics of your DUI case. Your DUI attorney can take you step by step through the court process and help you get the best possible outcome. DUI lawyers generally offer a free consultation to review your DUI case.

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