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Worst drivers found in the state live in Louisiana

No matter where you live, if you commute to and from work, your commute likely consists of honking, finger waving, and dodging other cars. But do you feel like your state is the only state where drivers speed, change lanes, and run red lights while barreling down the street driving 60 mph? Guess what? You may feel like you have the worst drivers in the country, but most likely you don’t. So which drivers are the worst? There’s a lot of data that’s reviewed each year to determine what state has the worst drivers. Factors considered include how many people could pass their state's written driving test, how many citations are written for distracted driving and how likely people are to die in a motor-vehicle crash. Other groups such as CarInsuranceComparison.com compile additional information such as the “number of dates per 100 million miles traveled, citations for failure to obey traffic signals and seat belt laws, DUI infractions, and tickets for speeding and careless driving.” Most of the information on their website is gathered from other sources such as MADD, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the National Motorists Association.

Louisiana has worst drivers according to survey

  So which state has the worst drivers? According to CarInsuranceComparison.com, drivers in the state of Louisiana rank in the top five for careless driving and speeding. Louisiana is winning this distinction for the second year in a row, confirming what many people say as they drive through the state. But why does Louisiana have the worst drivers? Well, it may not be all of their fault? Think about how many drivers pass through the state on their way to other places. Anyone from Texas heading to the beach in Florida is driving through the state. Maybe Texans are partly to blame? Jeffrey Crews, vice president of CarInsuranceComparison.com, agrees to a certain extent. Travelling does play a part in Louisiana’s rankings. But he’s quick to note that the rankings are not really scientific, it’s just one more way to bring attention to bad driving.

Louisiana is not the worst in all rankings

  And it may depend on who is doing the ranking. While CarInsuranceComparison.com found Louisiana drivers to be the worst, in another GMAC Insurance (now National General Insurance) ranking done in 2011 the worst drivers were in Washington, D.C. Drivers in this district frequently did not understand the rules of the road, and many of them, up to 30%, had trouble passing a written driving test.

What if you factor in DUI and fatalities?

  The state rankings also change when federal crash data is considered. For instance, according to the Daily Beast, who completed an analysis in 2010, if you considered drunk driving, inattentive driver and running stop signs, other states such as North Dakota, Montana, and Kentucky all beat out Louisiana for the worst drivers. What about the best drivers? According to a USA Today report, the best drivers in the nation, based on Allstate crash claims data, are in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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