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Wisconsin- Steps to reinstate your driverís license after drunk driving arrest

Drivers who have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI)  in Wisconsin may have had their license suspended if they failed to give their consent to take a chemical test if asked to do so by a Wisconsin law enforcement officer. Their license may also have been suspended if they took the test but had a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher.
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Drivers who refuse to take the test or who take the test and have a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08% will have their license suspended in a DUI civil proceeding by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles. Refusing the chemical test will result in a one year license suspension. This suspension is called an administrative license suspension and is separate from a license suspension you might face if you are ultimately convicted of a Wisconsin DUI. But what if you have paid your fines and penalties and your license suspension has expired? Now it may be time to review what you have to do to reinstate your Wisconsin driver’s license.

Reinstating your Wisconsin driver’s license

  The first and most challenging step is to locate the right website. There are a variety of commercial websites that provide information but may confuse the average internet user. All information to reinstate a license can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website. The information below is summarized from that site. Steps to reinstate your license: 1.    Check your eligibility status The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has created an online system to check your eligibility for a license. According to this site you will need your driver’s license number, Wisconsin driver identification number, your social security number or your name, sex and date of birth. 2.    Review whether you have to purchase SR22 Insurance Many drivers convicted of a DUI will also have to purchase SR22 insurance from a company licensed to conduct business in the state of Wisconsin. If you are required to purchase this high risk insurance you must file proof of insurance with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. 3.    Review whether you have to install an Ignition Interlock Device Only certain drivers will be required to install this device. If this was required by the court you will have to provide proof of installation for all vehicles which are registered to you, unless one of the cars was exempted by the court. 4.    Determine if you have to visit a DMV Service Center Some drivers may reinstate their license online while others must visit a DMV service center. Be prepared to pay the reinstatement fee (cash or check only) and have proof of your identity, proof you are a U.S. citizen and proof of your name and date of birth. The DMV also notes that drivers who have had a DUI and who have served the revocation period and paid their fees can call (608) 264-7133 or checking your status online to find out if they are eligible to reinstate their license.  According to the DMV you will need your Social Security number and date of birth to access this information.
Contact us: Wisconsin DMV email service for additional questions.
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