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William Cady kills three in DUI accident

William Cady, 25, appeared in a San Diego courtroom this week to face six charges, including three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, for an accident which occurred on January 10 of this year along Interstate 805 at State Route 52, near Clairemont Mesa. List of auxiliary Interstate Highways According to reports, William Cady is accused of driving drunk and killing three of his five friends in a car accident due to intoxication and speeding. According to his friends and Deputy District Attorney Mackenzie Harvey, William Cady was asked repeatedly by his friends to slow down before the deadly crash, but Cady told his friends he could ‘drive as fast as he wanted to.’ William Cady did not respond as Deputy DA Harvey outlined the facts of the DUI case, he simply stared ahead, but he did have several injuries including two black eyes. He also appeared “disheveled” and was wearing a neck brace

What about the night of the wreck?

  According to the prosecutor’s statements, William Cady was at a friend’s house the night of the collision. He later went to a Clairemont Mesa bar where he consumed a large amount of alcohol. Reportedly a server at the bar told him he should not be driving. Later that night William Cady and his friends left the bar, went to a grocery store and purchased more drinks. They then went to a second bar but were ejected because they were disturbing other patrons. William Cady attempted to drive his five friends back home, but not before crashing on I-805, where he reportedly was driving too fast and eventually lost control of the car and crashed. The deaths occurred around 11:15 p.m. as Cady merged from I-805 onto SR-52 at a high rate of speed, according to reports by the California Highway patrol. Cady’s Escalade ran off the road up onto an embankment where it hit the cement pillar, rolling over before coming to rest in the center of other traffic lanes. Unfortunately, William Cady’s collision initiated a chain reaction of other collisions, forcing another car, a silver Acura, into an SUV. Moments later, another car hit the Acura, crossed the embankment and flying across other traffic lanes on eastbound SR-52, eventually landing on the south side of the road. Five of the men in William Cady’s vehicle were not wearing seatbelts, and four of them were ejected from his car. Taylor Bernardski, 29, and Shon Gilliam, 23, both died at the scene of the accident. They were residents of San Diego, California. Jeffrey Becker, 35, was wearing his safety restraint and was not ejected, but he was also killed at the DUI site. William Cady was wearing his seatbelt, but he was still seriously injured. He was treated later that night at a local hospital. He was charged Tuesday for his part in the fatal crash and remained in the hospital until Tuesday. His bail has been set at $2 million, due to the severity of the car accident and injuries. Other passengers remain hospitalized at this time.

William Cady could get 24 years for three deaths

  According to the prosecution, William Cady remains a danger not only to himself but to the community at large. He will return to court for preliminary hearings for Jan. 28 and Jan. 31. If he is convicted of three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, gross bodily injury counts for each surviving passenger and a DUI charge he could spend as many as 24 years in prison.
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