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Why Hire a New York DWI Lawyer?

Driving while intoxicated is never smart, and unfortunately the mistake will cost you. A DWI (or DUI) lawyer is important because he or she can help you avoid prolonged license suspension, fines, jail time, and other penalties. What should you look for in a DWI lawyer? In the state of New York, a leading cause of death is drinking and driving. The penalties are stiff because of this, making an experienced lawyer essential. This guide explains the costs of drinking and driving, how to prepare a defense, and more. The Penalties for a First New York DWI You can expect, without a lawyer, for the maximum penalties to be enforced, even if you plead guilty to the charges. If you plead guilty, you are making it clear the tests were correct, the arrest was correct, and you deserve punishment. A first New York DWI can mean up to a year jail time, fines from $500 to $1,000, a minimum license suspension of 6 months, as well as mandatory alcohol screening and evaluation. Multiple New York DWI The more drinking and driving charges you get, the greater the penalties. For example, a third DWI means a felony charge, the highest punishment you can get. You can get jail time from 10 days to as much as 7 years. You face fines of at least $2,000, and can expect a license suspension of a minimum of 1 year. What does a lawyer do? A New York DWI lawyer can allay your fears and help you make a strong defense. There is so much involved in a DWI laws and punishments that it's crucial to get an experienced lawyer. He or she defends you in court, questions the arrest, challenges any BAC (blood alcohol content) tests, and can help you either defeat the charges or get lesser penalties. How much will it cost? DWI lawyers can cost more money than you might have. Don't worry; many are willing to negotiate with fees. Generally you can expect to pay in the thousands for an effective defense. However, the value is clear: spending $5,000 to $10,000 can mean the difference between getting fines or not, keeping your license or losing it for years, and perhaps most importantly avoiding jail time. The costs are relative. And most DWI lawyers offer a free consultation or case review. Ask for references, costs, and how they might defend your case. Resources for Finding the Right DWI Lawyer Looking online is perhaps the best way to get a New York DWI lawyer, where you can search from thousands. It can also show you who has experience,who offers free first consultations, who you can afford, and how they actually defend you. You can also ask for references from other lawyers, or even look in the phone book. But if you're reading this guide, you can use the web for finding your lawyer