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If you are charged with a DUI, DWI, or OWI, where do you go for help? Should you immediately hire a lawyer? Can you somehow limit the charges against you with an effective defense? You have more options than you might think. The choices you make can, as drinking and driving is a serious offense, change your life. Resources for DUI Perhaps the best point of difference between today and 20 years ago is the fact that you have much, much more resources at your disposal. And perhaps the problem is that they are not all as good as you might think. With the internet, we are all six degrees apart, and can find information on a variety of subjects in a matter of seconds. This includes DUI law and defense strategies, but the problem is that DUI law is different in all 50 states. While the .08 BAC (blood alcohol content) level is the same for all 50 states, the exact charges against you vary. Some states charge you more by exactly how much you drink, so if you have a .12 limit, you know what exact charges you get. Some states are tougher on first offenses. Some call drinking and driving DWI, some DUI, others OWI. However, you can find many good, state specific resources online, especially government sites and sites of legal lawyers practicing in your state. This blog is an example of a resource you might study for how to defend against DUI charges. Legal Help for DUI If you are charged with a  DUI, it's time to get legal representation. There are thousands of DUI lawyers, and sometimes you may consider going without a lawyer. Well, you should always get a professional. Yes, hiring a lawyer costs money, but it may save you time in jail, help avoid lengthy suspensions, and save you fines. If you do hire a lawyer, be critical in who you choose. Hire someone local, who understands state DUI laws, who you can communicate well with, and who has the experience in handling cases like yours. Limit Charges Against You If you hire an experienced DUI lawyer, you should be able to limit the charges against you. You can expect, depending on the nature of the charges, to face jail time, license suspension, fines, probation, and other problems. How do you limit these? You hire a lawyer immediately, long before your court date. You question the charges against you, such as the reason for being pulled over or the accuracy of the DUI tests. Finally, you go to court, make your not guilty plea, and use your lawyer to make an effective defense.