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Should I plead guilty to my DUI charge?

First steps after a DUI Arrest

DUI attorneys attend school for many years and know the court system and its procedures. They are as familiar with DUI field sobriety and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests and they know their inherent weaknesses. If you are arrested for a DUI, contact a DUI lawyer in your area who can offer you solid legal advice regarding your situation. Most DUI lawyers offer a free consultation and this meeting can help you understand the advantage hiring a capable DUI lawyer. Be careful to avoid the attorney who meets with you briefly and guarantees a certain outcome. No lawyer can ascertain the totality of your DUI case until he has carefully reviewed all of the facts about your DUI arrest.

Does pleading ‘not guilty’ after a DUI make things worse?

Some people who have been arrested for DUI worry that if they fight the DUI charge, it will only make their situation worse by delaying the inevitable. However, this is how the justice system works; its fidelity is strengthened when people challenge it. A DUI attorney will scrutinize the procedures used by law enforcement when they pulled you over, how the field sobriety and BAC tests were administered, and other factors. More often than not, there are weaknesses in the state’s DUI case against you that a skillful DUI attorney can recognize. Even if you are convicted of a DUI, having an attorney can often minimize the sentence because he will know how to operate within the system to lessen the DUI penalties. There could also be alternatives (sober house, substance abuse program, etc.) which can be negotiated with the prosecution. The potential impact of a DUI conviction on a person’s record grows each year as state legislatures pass tougher DUI laws in response to public pressure. A DUI conviction may, in some states, stays on your record for life. Fighting a DUI could cost you more money, more time, and more hassle; the extra aggravation would be worth it if you walk out of the courthouse with a not guilty verdict and a clean record. If you decide to plead not guilty, a DUI attorney can make sure that your rights are protected and that you are aware of what is happening during every part of the court process.