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What Are Common Legal Hurdles for DUI Charges?

Getting pulled over after abusing substances creates some major problems. It's easy to say “don't ever do it,” but we all make mistakes. The decisions you make after a DUI charge mean the difference between losing your license for years, going to jail, and spending thousands in fines. There are some very common hurdles you'll face right out of the gate. This guide helps you understand them. Getting The Right Lawyer The first decision is not whether to plead guilty or not guilty; the first decision is the lawyer you hire. This is not a time to rush a decision. Be patient, wait for the right lawyer, look for relevant experience, make sure the lawyer is available, and also make sure you can afford his or her rates. While some choose to hire the cheapest lawyer, others reap the rewards of going with experience. What Penalties? The most common legal hurdle is understanding what penalties you face. But remember, you're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. That means you have a right to defend these charges. While it may seem right to plead guilty if you know the charges are accurate, defending yourself is important to avoiding maximum penalties. Understanding Defense Your lawyer must be experienced in DUI defense. This is an immense burden off your shoulders. First, instead of defending yourself you're hiring a professional with more experience in DUI law. Also, forgoing court appointed representation and hiring an experienced lawyer with your interests in mind is also important to the defense. The guidelines of the defense are still important to know. Even if you think you're guilty of all counts, you should choose representation. It can save you money, jail time, and still give you the option of driving in the near future. Multiple Offenses Another common legal hurdle is receiving multiple offenses for DUI charges. For example, say you are pulled over not once, not twice, but three times for DUI offenses. This can then be termed an aggravated DUI – as some states call it – where you may face felony penalties. The more DUI charges you get, the more important proper legal representation is. In multiple offenses, you are in very dangerous territory, and can be put behind bars for extended periods. Felonies You can be charged with a felony for many reasons beyond multiple offenses. You may have caused an accident which resulted in an injury. You may have put a minor in danger. You may be so over the legal drinking limit that you are charged more severely. These are legal hurdles with solutions. If you have been charged with a DUI, it's time to consider solutions. The best solution is an experienced, local, and effective DUI lawyer.