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Drunk Driving- What are the penalties for third DUI?

If you have been arrested for a third DUI in some states you may be facing a felony charge and severe penalties. For instance, in the State of Oregon a third DUI within 10 years is a Class C felony which can result in a permanent license revocation, which means if you live in the state of Oregon you will never drive again. Oregon drivers can also spend time in prison. What about other states? State laws vary but if you are arrested a third time in Florida within a 10 year period you are facing fines of $2,000 to $5,000, up to five years in jail, a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, a 10 year license suspension, probation, community service and mandatory attendance in an alcohol education course. Consider also, if you are arrested for drunk driving and you were transporting a minor child or if your blood alcohol content was high it is likely that the state will enhance your DUI charges. Do you see the trend? A third DUI arrest in any state indicates to the courts that you have a serious problem with alcohol and your DUI arrest was not one simple mistake but rather a trend.

How will this affect my employment?

  If you are arrested for drunk driving and ultimately convicted of a DUI charge, especially multiple charges, it is likely that if your employer or a future employer will do a background check and you could either lose your current job or jeopardize your employment in the future. Obviously, a misdemeanor charge is generally viewed more favorably than a felony, but many employers view a drunk driving conviction as a very serious conviction. Why? Multiple DUI convictions could indicate that the applicant has serious alcohol addiction issues and could cost the employer money through job injury, extended absences, and insufficient job performance.
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Applicants for certain types of jobs may also have difficulty especially those in the medical community, the military, teachers, school administrators, lawyers or any job which requires a commercial drivers license (which the applicant would most likely be unable to get due to multiple DUI convictions).

Hiring a DUI lawyer

  If you have been charged with a third DUI it is imperative that you seek immediate legal help. If you refused the blood alcohol content test or you failed the test you will face an immediate administrative license suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state, even if you are ultimately found not guilty of the drunk driving charge. As mentioned above, the penalties and fines vary significantly by state. Many states have a long wash out period. For instance, in some states DUI arrests within a five year period can enhance the DUI penalties while other states allow for a 10 year wash out period. Some states have lifetime wash out periods and all previous drunk driving convictions can be considered when the court is assessing your penalties for your most recent DUI arrest. Consider also, most states do not allow you to expunge the DUI conviction from your driving record unless you are pardoned or your conviction is reversed on appeal. Talk to a DUI lawyer today.
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