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Drunk Driving and aTexas Occupational License

Texas drivers arrested for drunk driving in the state of Texas can generally get an occupational license which will allow them to operate a non-commercial motorized vehicle if they have had their license suspended.

When can I use my Texas occupational License?

  The Texas Department of Public Safety allows an occupational license to be used “in connection with a person’s occupation, for educational purposes or in the performance of essential household duties.” Drivers who have had their license suspended for drunk driving are barred from driving for any other reason. If you would like to apply for an occupational license after a Texas drunk driving arrest you must make your request for the occupational license in the district court in the county of your residence or in the court (who has jurisdiction) where the drunk driving offense occurred. Remember, even if the court has provided you with the court order granting you the right to get an occupational license, you must first submit the court order along with the other requirements to the Department of Issuance of an Occupational License. DPS recognizes that it will take a few days to get your occupational license, and you can use the court order for 30 days while the Texas Department of Public Safety processes your request.

What do I send to the Texas Department of Public Safety?

  • You must send a certified copy of the petition and the court order granting the occupational license. The Texas Department of Public Safety states that “if the individual is participating in a special drug court program, the petition is not required. The judge has the authority to grant an occupational order.”
  • You must submit proof that you have purchased SR-22 insurance. There is a specific form that must be completed, and this is the only proof of insurance which is accepted by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • You must pay the occupational license fee for one year or less.
  • You must pay all reinstatement fees
Note: Rules for obtaining a commercial license vary. Contact the Texas Department of Public Safety if you have questions about how to reinstate your Texas commercial license after a drunk driving arrest in Texas. Mail all forms to: Texas Department of Public Safety Central Cash Receiving P.O. Box 15999 Austin TX 78761-5999

Other License Options in Texas

  Texas also offers some drivers the option of installing an ignition interlock device and operating their motorized vehicle with a restricted ignition interlock license. The ignition interlock device allows drivers to blow a sample of their breath into the device, which monitors the amount of alcohol in their breath, prior to starting the car. One benefit of the restricted license is the driver may have the freedom to drive wherever they want to drive without the restrictions of the occupational license. Of course, installing the device can be expensive and drivers must pay the applicable state fees. Drivers also cannot get this type of license if their license is expired, suspended or they have not paid the necessary fees.
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