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Teenagers and a DUI in the Allentown Area of Pennsylvania

It is illegal in most states for minors to be partaking of alcohol, marijuana, and other controlled substances, and to drive while doing so puts them in double jeopardy. Yet, teenagers are doing so at alarming regularity. Some studies show that 70 percent of teenagers drink alcohol, and 60 percent of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol-related. So, why do teenagers drink and then drive? The answer varies, but I am sure the reason why most teenagers drink and then drive has not really changed all that much since I was a teenager some 45 years ago. We all have to get from one place to the next, and socializing is in our nature. Before you consider drinking and driving in Pennsylvania, please know that regardless of whether or not you are a teenager, a first time DUI conviction can cost you up to six months probation, six months in prison, up to a $5000 fine, and up to a year of your driver's license suspended. If you are a teenager or have a teenager that has recently been accused of a DUI in places like Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, Pennsylvania, you are probably going to need professional help. Contact us right now at www.duiattorneyhome.com , and we will help you find the professional in your area who is not only understanding of the laws affecting teenage drunk driving, but they remember and understand what it was like when they were a teenager. They were once young, but they grew up, and now, they want to help you.