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Scott Campbell kills friend who stops him from DUI

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, but I’m not quite sure that the creator of this slogan had this in mind. According to Prosecutors in Cleveland, Scott Campbell shot his friend while his friend was trying to keep him from driving under the influence of alcohol.

Scott Campbell shoots friend

  41-year-old Scott Campbell has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole for at least 26 years for murdering his friend. Scott Campbell , according to the Cuyahoga (Ky-uh-HOH-guh) County prosecutor's office, pled guilty to murder in January of this year. Apparently, Scott Campbell killed 43-year-old Java Bowling last Aug. 9 after Bowling tried to take Scott Campbell’s keys from him. According to reports, Scott Campbell was “highly intoxicated” and shot Bowling outside of his home and then fled the scene. Unfortunately, it sounds like Scott Campbell shot a true friend, one, according to Assistant County Prosecutor Brian Radigan, was “trying to protect the life of his friend, Scott Campbell."

Justin Bieber to appear in court in March

  In other DUI news, the Hollywood Reporter reports that Justin Bieber will appear in a Miami-Dade court in March 3, 2014, for the his trial for driving under the influence of drugs, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. According to reports, Bieber’s lawyers has filed a not guilty plea on all accounts. The official arraignment for the charges will be held on February 14th, but according to DUI laws, Bieber will not have to personally appear in court. Justin Bieber’s case will determine if Bieber, who was arrested last month with fellow musician Khalil Sharieff for drag racing early in the morning, was under the influence of marijuana and prescription medications. According to reports, Justin Bieber submitted to a field sobriety test at the scene of the incident, which he failed. He later submitted to a breathalyzer test at the police station, which he also failed. According to test results, he was under the influence of marijuana and Alprazolam, the key ingredient in Xanax. Bieber’s DUI arrest is just the latest legal battle for the young singer. He has also been accused of egging his neighbor’s house, which could result in a felony vandalism charge. Prior to that there were accusations a member of his entourage was involved in the assault of a limo driver, although his attorney issued a statement proclaiming his innocence in that altercation.

Dave Savini pleads guilty to DUI

  In other DUI news, CBS Chicago reports that their investigative reporter Dave Savini has pled guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol after his January 4, 2014, arrest. He was arrested by the Naperville police after a minor car accident in a restaurant drive-thru. Although he had been arrested for drunken driving, hit and run, battery and child endangerment the a special prosecutor has agreed to dropped all but the DUI charge. Savini will be sentenced to 12 months of court supervision as part of his plea agreement. Additionally, he will have to perform 200 hours of community service, attend a victim impact panel, receive alcohol counseling and pay an estimated $3,185 in fines and fees. His driver’s license is suspended temporarily. Savini has apologized for his conduct and “bad judgment.” He has taken responsibility for his actions and will return to work at CBS 2 news next week.
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