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Sam Donaldson arrested for DUI in Delaware

Sam Donaldson popular newsman charged with drunk driving

The Associated Press (AP) reports that ABC News veteran and former correspondent Sam Donaldson was arrested for drunk driving. Donaldson, 78, was stopped in early December for driving under the influence (DUI) in Delaware. According to reports, he was arrested by police in the southern coastal town of Lewes for a traffic violation. The Delaware police officers suspected he was intoxicated and ask him to submit to a field sobriety test. He took the test, and he was later arrested and released. His arraignment has been set for Friday. By all reports Donaldson was cooperative with Delaware police officers throughout the DUI process. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="100"]Sam Donaldson Sam Donaldson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] Donaldson, who resides in McLean, Virginia, which is 110 miles west of Lewes was contacted on Wednesday but he was not available from comment. Sam Donaldson is currently married to Jan Smith, although he has been married twice before to Patricia Oates and Billie Kay Butler, whom he has three children with. Donaldson began his broadcasting career KRLD-TV in Dallas in 1959 and received the "Broadcaster of the Year" award from the National Press Foundation in 1998, later joining ABC News in 1967. He was the chief White House correspondent for ABC News twice and provided news coverage through three presidential terms including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Later, he worked with Diane Sawyer as a co-host on "PrimeTime Live” and had his own show on ABC News on Sunday mornings called  "This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts." Donaldson could frequently be seen at political conventions and covering high interest subjects such as the Vietnam War. His career also allowed him to cover controversial topics such as the Watergate Scandal which besmirched the Richard Nixon’s presidency, from 1973-1974. Donaldson, who was sometimes referred to as arrogant or a braggart, noted that while many people had differing views on him professionally and personally everyone seemed to agree that when the news needed to be reported he was often the best person for the job. He noted, “When you need the job done on deadline, you'll call me.” Donaldson in his speech to the Academy Of Achievement commented about the importance of discipline and getting the job done.  “If the appointment is at four o’clock, you ought to show up at four o’clock. If you’re unavoidably late a few minutes, okay. But the person who shows up at five o’clock or six o’clock and doesn’t think anything of it, that person is an undisciplined person.”  Donaldson credited discipline and hard work with his success as a broadcaster.

Hiring a DUI lawyer

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Delaware or anywhere else in the United States you will need the legal assistance of a DUI lawyer. Drunk driving penalties are severe and it is important you do not try to fight a DUI without the help of a drunk driving lawyer.
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