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Jenks of Boston Red Sox arrested for DUI

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="192" caption="Bobby Jenks (Photo credit: Keith Allison)The Associated Press reports that Robert Scott Jenks of the Boston Red Sox was arrested Friday morning. He reportedly faces one count of drunk driving and property damage and one count of DUI hit and run."]Bobby Jenks[/caption]
News reports state that early Friday morning Jenks of the Red Sox was operating his Mercedes SUV on Hill Avenue in Fort Myers shortly before midnight when an officer saw him make an illegal turn. According to the officer the car, “sped out of the street, crossed all three lanes of traffic and drove into the center lane before heading south on US-41.” Jenks also drove erratically between all three lanes of traffic, slowed and then sped onto the sidewalk before he turned onto Colonial Boulevard. The officer stopped his car after witnessing these driving infractions. According to Jenks he had taken several muscle relaxers and blamed his erratic driving on the side-effects of the medication. The officer also noticed that Jenks speech was impaired at the time of the arrest and he was “shaking uncontrollably.” The EMS was called to evaluate Jenks condition but determined he was medically stable. After questioning, Jenks admitted to hitting a car leaving Babes, a local strip club. The officers at the scene verified that Jenk’s car had some damage to the bumper. Officers also went to the club and verified that another car also had been struck by Jenks at approximately 11:45 when he had entered the club’s parking lot. Officers also had Jenks perform a field sobriety test which Jenks was unable to complete. Jenks admitted that he was “too messed up.” Jenks consented to a breathalyzer test but blew a 0.00 two times. Jenks also attempted to take a urine test but was not able to complete it. He posted bond Friday morning. In 2011, Jenks signed a 2 year, $12 million deal with the Red Sox, but has played just a dozen times after he was forced onto the disabled list. Jenks had back surgery last season and has reportedly suffered complications for several months. The Red Sox reports that they are aware of his situation but are waiting to provide further comments until they have researched the situation further. Robert Jenks of the Red Sox  illustrates how dangerous it can be to operate a motorized vehicle if you are impaired by medications, even legal medications. If his blood alcohol concentration was below the legal limit he may still be arrested for DUI if the police determine he was impaired and not able to safely operate his car. Evidence of impairments include erratic driving and crashing into multiple cars.

Hiring a Florida DUI lawyer

  If you have been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence in Florida, even if your blood alcohol content was under the illegal limit you may need the services of a DUI lawyer. Florida drivers convicted of a first time DUI will face fines between $500 to $1000, mandatory 50 hours of community service, jail time and probation of less than one year.
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