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Reinstating a Washington Drivers License after DUI

How to get your license back after Washington DUI

  If you have lost your driver’s license in the state of Washington because you have either been convicted of DUI or due to an administrative license suspension you may have questions about reinstating a Washington driver's license.
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We talk to drivers all the time that simply have difficulty navigating all of the information and websites online to find out the right information and who they need to talk to about reinstating a Washington driver's license after DUI.

Steps to reinstating your Washington driver's license

  1.    The first step is to contact the Washington Department of Licensing. You can review the Office Locations for all of the Licensing offices in Washington or you can call them at 360-902-3900. Information can also be mailed to them at Department of Licensing, PO Box 9030, Olympia, WA 98507-9030. The easiest way to find out what needs to be done is by visiting their online website at Washington Licensing Office.  Once you are at this site you can choose the link for drivers licenses, then suspended license, and then DUI. This will take you to a page where you can click on the link: How to get your license back after the suspension. Now according to the Licensing Office there are many factors that will determine if you are eligible to get a license after a drunk driving conviction or arrest including your blood alcohol content at the time of your arrest, your criminal record, etc. There is no charge to use the online service. All you have to do is type in your information and the licensing office will provide personalized instructions about how you can reinstate your license, including a list of things that are now restricting you from driving and step by step instructions for reinstatement. If you are unable to use this service the Washington Licensing Office should have been sent a suspension letter which detailed when and whether you are eligible for a reinstatement.

Can I get a restricted Washington License during my administrative suspension or after my DUI conviction?

  If you are not allowed to get a full license you may qualify to get a restricted license which will allow you to continue to work and support yourself or your family. According to the Washington State Department of Licensing you can request an ignition interlock device which will allow you to drive at any time during your license suspension. If you get one of these devices you have waived your right to challenge the suspension through a hearing.

Hiring a DUI lawyer

  If you have been charged with a DUI and you have already paid the penalties and you are currently simply waiting out your license suspension you may not need to hire a DUI lawyer. Hiring a lawyer can be very expensive, and with a little research you should be able to find out how to reinstate your license on your own without legal assistance. If, however, you have a license reinstatement hearing or do not have the time to perform the necessary steps on your own, a DUI lawyer can always help.
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