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Reactive hypoglycemia and Drunk Driving

Reactive hypoglycemia is a blood sugar disorder which does not allow your body to process food for fuel efficient or correctly. If you suffer from this disorder you may experience a variety of strange symptoms after you eat including nausea, mood swings, dizziness, convulsions, unconsciousness or headaches. Other more severe conditions can include seizures or fainting.
A hypoglycemic moment - my blood sugar was only 35
Although the cause of reactive hypoglycemia is unknown, the medical community has decided it may be caused by hormone sensitivity, insufficient glucagon production, or a reaction to food moving too quickly through the digestive system or enzyme deficiencies.

Medical Condition mimics drunk driving

  If you suffer from reactive hypoglycemia you may have symptoms which mimic drunk driving (confusion, loss of balance while performing field sobriety tests, and stumbling). Convincing a police officer that your inability to complete a field sobriety test due to this medical condition, however, may be more difficult. If you are given a drunk driving ticket the best thing to do is to visit your doctor and find out if your blood sugar levels could have contributed to the appearance of intoxication. For instance, the hospital or doctor can perform a blood test to provide information about conditions which may exist including an electrolyte imbalance or other deficiencies in your body. How will this help your case? If you can show that you had a medical condition at the time of your drunk driving arrest that mimicked signs of intoxication you might be able to prove that you were not driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and you may successfully fight your drunk driving charge.

Suspended license for a severe medical condition

  Now, we have discussed how you might avoid the penalties and fines of a DUI conviction if you can prove that you were not intoxicated but rather suffering from the side-effects of a serious health condition, but this will not mean that your license will not be suspended. The Department of Motor Vehicles in many states has the right to revoke your right to drive if you have a severe physical or mental health condition that does not allow you to operate your vehicle safely. If you suffer from reactive hypoglycemia and the symptoms are so severe that you may have lapses of consciousness or seizures this may make it unsafe for you to operate your motorized vehicle. Common conditions that the DMV recognized as dangerous can include dementia, epilepsy, seizures, macular degeneration, diabetes mellitus, and cataracts. According to the DMV of California, they can suspend or revoke your license for any condition which they believe negatively affects your “coordination, strength, agility, alertness, judgment, attention, or any other skill that is essential to safe driving. If you do not believe your condition is that unsafe or you had severe symptoms but you have now received proper medical care which has increased your ability to drive safely, you may need to provide medical evidence to the DMV to substantiate your claim. If they are planning to suspend your license you can challenge the suspension within a specific time frame and you might be able to get a physical or mental evaluation and request what the California DMV terms a Reexamination or P and M hearing. The purpose of this hearing is to determine if you have the necessary physical and mental skills to drive a car safely. When can this type of examination occur?  It could be triggered from an arrest or by a friend or relative who contacts the DMV and fills out a "DMV request for a driver reexamination" form. If the DMV receives this type of request they may initiate an investigation into your ability to drive. According to the DMV, you are allowed to “introduce evidence, witnesses, and testimony on your behalf to counter the claims.” If you have the financial means, you also have the right to be represented by a California DMV hearing lawyer who will help present your case.”
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