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Phoenix DUI Laws

It’s been another hot summer in the Phoenix/Mesa area.  Residents and visitors continue to be willing to try anything to keep their cool.  But those who attempt to cool off by mixing frosty alcoholic beverages and then driving will find themselves facing heat of a different kind. Drunk driving is a serious crime in the state of Arizona.  Lawmakers are constantly reviewing the laws regarding drunk driving, with an eye on creating harsher penalties and therefore reducing repeat offenders.  If you have been arrested for a drunk driving offense in the Phoenix/Mesa area, you need to take immediate action to ensure that your driving privileges are protected. The legal procedures involved in developing a DUI defense are numerous and time-consuming.  Your best response is to seek the assistance of a qualified DUI attorney. At the time of your arrest you were asked to submit to a chemical test in order to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by providing a blood or breath sample.  If you refused to provide this sample or if your BAC was greater than the legal limit of .08%, your driver’s license was automatically suspended for up to 2 years.  You have the right to appeal this suspension, but time is not on your side.  You only have 15 days in which to challenge the suspension of your license. If you are convicted of the DUI charge against you, there are severe penalties that can be assessed.  For a first time DUI conviction the driver is likely to be charged fines and fees of up to $1250, be required to perform community restitution, face imprisonment for up to 10 days, and be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on their vehicle. The IID requires that the driver provide a breath sample to prove that they are within an approved limit of BAC before they are able to start their car. The degree of a DUI charge may be increased if there are extenuating circumstances related to the case.  A driver with a BAC of .15% or greater can be charged with Extreme DUI, while a driver with a BAC of .20% or greater may be charged with Super Extreme DUI. Drivers who have a child under the age of 15 in the car with them at the time of their arrest and those that have prior DUI convictions may be charged with Aggravated DUI, which is a felony.  Penalties and consequences increase as the case’s degree intensifies. As you can see, the penalties for a DUI conviction are severe.  This is not a situation you will want to handle alone.  Contact an experienced DUI lawyer today to discuss your case.