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Out of State DUI will it be reported to Massachusetts?

Drivers arrested for an out of state DUI may wonder whether or not their home state will be notified of their DUI offense. Recently on our DUI forum a user asked, “If I live in Massachusetts but I was arrested in another state will the state of Massachusetts be notified of my DUI?” Police Chase Most states are part of what is called the Interstate Compact and agree to share information with all other participating states about an out of state DUI. The only states which are currently not part of the multi-state agreement are Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts (MA), and Michigan. But if you think you are safe in Massachusetts because they are not part of the Interstate Compact, think again. While they may not be part of the compact, it does not mean that the state of Massachusetts does not care about an out of state DUI arrest or license suspension. For example, if an out of state driver is arrested for DUI in Massachusetts, the state of Massachusetts will send information about the out of state driver’s DUI directly to driver’s home state, including the person’s BAC test information and details of the Massachusetts DUI. Massachusetts will also treat an out of state DUI as if it occurred in Massachusetts.

Reporting the out of state DUI to the National Driver Register

If you have had your license suspended in another state for a DUI conviction, for failing a chemical test, or for refusing to submit to a chemical test, the out of state DUI information will be entered by the state’s DMV into the Problem Driver Pointer System of the National Driver Register. At this point the Registrar in Massachusetts will also receive notification of the out of state license suspension and will also suspend the driver’s right to drive within the state of Massachusetts.

Restoring your Massachusetts driver’s license after an out of state DUI suspension

Regardless of whether Massachusetts is part of the Interstate Compact or not, they will most definitely find out about your driver’s license suspension through the National Driver Registry. They will also check this database before they will issue or renew your current license, even if the conviction was never reported to them. What do you do to restore your license? You will have to work with the state where the DUI occurred before you can reinstate your driving privileges in Massachusetts. This is also true even if you are seeking only to get a hardship, work, or limited license in Massachusetts. Legal experts also report that it is generally not possible to request any type of override for an indefinite NDR revocation. Massachusetts has committed to give credence and faith to out of state license suspensions. What if I ignore the DUI arrest in another state? If you are arrested in another state for DUI it is imperative that you return to the DUI hearing. The state does not care if the trip is difficult or if you live miles from where the DUI occurred. If you fail to appear at your DUI hearing you may be convicted of DUI, have a bench warrant issued for your arrest, and have your license automatically suspended, something Massachusetts will find out even if they do not learn about the DUI conviction. Recent article: Personal injury lawsuit can I file one for DUI?