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Oklahoma Drivers License Reinstatement after DUI

Many Oklahoma drivers do not realize that if they are operating a motorized vehicle in the state of Oklahoma they have given their implied consent to submit to a blood alcohol content test if ask do so by a law enforcement officer. Drivers who refuse to submit to this test will have their driver’s license automatically revoked, even if they have not consumed alcoholic beverages or they are not intoxicated. Drivers who consent to the blood alcohol test and are found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% of more will also have their Oklahoma driver’s license revoked, even if they are not convicted of a Oklahoma drunk driving criminal DUI charge in court.

What Administrative Penalties am I facing In Oklahoma for Drunk Driving?

  Drivers who have their license suspended under Oklahoma’s Implied Consent Laws will have their driver’s license revoked for 180 days to 3 years. The amount of the suspension will depend on the driver’s previous driving record and whether or not they have been arrested for drunk driving in the past or have refused previous blood alcohol content tests. Remember, the Administrative license suspension is separate from all criminal suspensions. The Department of Public Safety will also suspend a driver’s license if they are convicted of drunk driving (unless their license was already suspended due to a BAC test refusal or a failed blood alcohol content test).

Can I get a Hardship License after Oklahoma Drunk Driving Arrest?

  Work permits are no longer granted but if drivers who are under a 180 license revocation can obtain a license modification if they are willing to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. The benefit of this device is the driver may driver 24/7 without the restrictions of a traditional hardship or work permit but they will have to pay for this device.

Steps to Reinstate my Oklahoma Driver’s License after a Drunk Driving Arrest

  If your Oklahoma driver’s license has been suspended the best thing to do is immediately schedule an administrative hearing. This hearing will challenge the administrative suspension. All challenges must be made within a specified time period. Contact a drunk driving lawyer in Oklahoma for more information. To reinstate an Oklahoma driver’s license the driver must complete the suspension period and perform the following”
  • Complete an Alcohol and drug substance abuse evaluation
  • Install an Ignition interlock device
  • Pay the $75 processing fee for driver license suspension/revocation
  • Pay the $25 reinstatement fee to get your driver license back
  • Pay the $200 trauma fee
  • Pay the $15 assessment fee
  • Purchase of SR-22 Insurance
Contact the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety for more information about license reinstatement and how to immediately begin the reinstatement process.

Do I need a DUI lawyer after an Oklahoma Drunk Driving Arrest?

  Unfortunately, due to the increase drunk driving penalties throughout the United States, almost all drivers will benefit from at least having a consultation with a drunk driving lawyer. Drivers who have had multiple DUI arrests or who are facing a felony drunk driving conviction are urged to contact a drunk driving attorney immediately.