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Oklahoma CDL driving drunk will I lose my license?

According to the Department of Public Safety, there are thousands of fatalities in the United States each year involving commercial trucks. Over a thousand Oklahoma drivers are also injured or killed in wrecks involving 18-wheelers. Although driver fatigue is the most common reason for these accidents, driving while intoxicated remains a major concern. Recently on our DUI forum a user asked, “If I have been arrested for driving under the influence and I have an Oklahoma CDL will my license be suspended, and if so, for how long?” Police Chase

Oklahoma CDL Driving laws

Although driving under the influence in any vehicle is dangerous, it is especially dangerous in a large truck or eighteen-wheeler. For this reason, the laws are much more stringent for drivers who have an Oklahoma CDL license. Under Oklahoma CDL licensing laws, if you are arrested and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.04 percent your Oklahoma CDL license will be suspended for at least one year. Drivers may also have their Oklahoma CDL suspended if they refuse to submit to the blood alcohol concentration test after a DUI arrest. Consider, however, the suspension is automatic, and it will apply whether you were operating your commercial or your personal vehicle. This automatic suspension is also an administrative suspension from the Department of Public Safety, which means the suspension will stand even if you are ultimately found NOT guilty of DUI.

Work permit or hardship license after Oklahoma DUI arrest?

Following a DUI arrest, some commercial drivers assume that if their driver’s license is suspended they can simply apply for a work permit and continue to drive their commercial vehicle. Although you may be eligible for a restricted license to drive in your personal vehicle, Oklahoma does not offer a work permit or any type of hardship license for a commercial driver’s license. Talk to a lawyer immediately following your DUI arrest and discuss whether you should challenge the administrative suspension by requesting an administrative hearing. All hearing requests must be done within 15 days from the date of the DUI arrest.

Traffic violations that can cost you your Oklahoma CDL

Serious traffic violations can cost you your Oklahoma CDL license for at least one year, even for your first offense. If you have had a major violation including a DUI arrest for driving a CMV with a blood alcohol concentration of .04% or higher, driving a CMV under the influence of alcohol, refusing to undergo blood alcohol testing, driving a CMV while under the influence of a controlled substance, or fleeing the scene of an accident, you will need legal help. Consider also, if you are arrested and convicted for the following offenses a second time your Oklahoma CDL may be suspended for life.

Legal requirements after a DUI

If your Oklahoma CDL has been suspended you are required to notify your employer within 30 days of a traffic violation conviction, including traffic citations from other states. Talk to a lawyer today if you have questions. Recent articles: Third DUI in California what can I expect?