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No Drunk Driving Pledge - 2012 Christmas Promise

Help spread the word to lower car accident fatalities this Christmas season. Say NO to drunk driving during the holidays! My Christmas Promise Pledge to not drink and drive Share this! Pass along this Holiday pledge infographic or even embed it on your blog or website, Thank you! Just copy & paste the code below! full size [textbox rows="4"]
<p><a href="http://www.duiattorneyhome.com/dui-blog/2012/11/30/no-drunk-driving-pledge-2012-christmas-promise/"><img src="http://www.duiattorneyhome.com/dui-blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2012-No-Drunk-Driving-Pledge-500x1375.jpg" alt="My Christmas Promise Pledge to not drink and drive" border="0" /></a>
</p><p>Infographic for <a href="http://www.duiattorneyhome.com/">www.duiattorneyhome.com</a></p>