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Mike Budenholzer of the Atlanta Hawks arrested for DUI

The Associated Press reports Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer was arrested for drunken driving on Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Georgia State Patrol, Budenholzer was stopped at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday night due to a malfunctioning taillight, but Trooper J. Nelms noted Budenhenholzer exhibited signs of intoxication, namely bloodshot and watery eyes "and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath." According to reports, Mike Budenholzer refused a breath test but agreed to a field sobriety test. He later told police that he had just finished drinking a glass of wine fifteen minutes prior to the DUI stop. Trooper Nelms noted Budenholzer was “polite,” but he had other signs of intoxication including slow and slurred speech.

Mike Budenholzer apologizes for Drunk Driving arrest

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]English: Brett Brown, Assistant Coach of the S... English: Brett Brown, Assistant Coach of the San Antopnio Spurs, during the Nuggets-Spurs match on Dec 22, 2010. Mike Budenholzer is sitting to his left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] Today, Mike Budenholzer issued a statement through his attorney, Michael Hawkins. According to the statement, Budenholzer has taken full responsible for the incident. "I take my role as a leader very seriously and hold myself to a high standard," Mike Budenholzer said. "I apologize to the fans and to the Hawks organization for any negative attention this incident has brought upon my family and the organization while the legal process evolves and I contest these misdemeanor charges."

After the drunk driving arrest

After the DUI arrest, Budenholzer was released on $1,524 bond. He appeared in municipal court on Thursday in Atlanta and entered a not guilty plea. He immediately informed the Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry of the arrest. According to Ferry, the team officials are in the process of getting more information about the arrest. "We take this matter seriously and have been in constant communication with coach Budenholzer throughout this situation," Ferry said in a second statement released Thursday afternoon. "We support him during this legal process and will let that take its course." Budenholzer did talk to a lawyer before he was officially arrested for DUI. He also performed a blood alcohol test at the Piedmont Hospital where he was found to have a blood concentration level well below the legal limit. His BAC was 0.01%. The test was performed several hours after the arrest and after he volunteered to take a breathalyzer and a blood alcohol test at the jail, which he was denied.

Who is Mike Budenholzer?

Mike Budenholzer has been a San Antonio Spurs assistant for seventeen years before coming to Atlanta as the head coach. He also worked with Coach Gregg Popovich the past six years. Ferry and Budenholzer have also had a close working relationship. Ferry also transferred to the Atlanta Hawks after working as the vice president of basketball operations for the Spurs for two years. Will Mike Budenholzer be convicted for DUI? If the state determines the chemical test Budenholzer took is valid then they will have to rely on other physical evidence from the DUI stop to determine if Budneholzer was intoxicated and unable to safely operate a vehicle when he was driving.
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