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Michigan DUI Penalties, Laws, Limits, and Definitions

If you're ever pulled over after drinking in Michigan, you should know how the state enforces DUI laws. Michigan considers drinking and driving as a DUI, driving under the influence, while some other states use DWI, driving while intoxicated. The words have no difference, but what is different  is how Michigan courts handle DUI charges for individuals. First, what happens if you do get pulled over? You might have prior convictions and no license, which means you'll be arrested. You might have been drinking some with friends prior to getting in your vehicle, and hurt someone while driving; this would have some of the worst penalties you get for DUI in all states including Michigan. Or maybe you just got pulled over on a bad day, but feel the officer didn't handle your arrest correctly. What are your options after a DUI? 1-Hire a DUI lawyer 2-Plead your case 3-Don't make the same mistake again Hiring a Michigan DUI lawyer is quite important for any time when you've be arrested for a DUI. No matter the circumstances, you need professional counsel to walk you through the process. And if you're facing major charges, such as felony charges, you cannot do without a Michigan DUI lawyer who can plead your case. Sometimes you just make a mistake. The trick is not to make the same mistake again. In every state in the U.S., the more driving under the influence charges you get the worse the penalties are. So what are the penalties for a Michigan DUI? Limits First, you should know the limit for Michigan is the same as all other states--0.08% or over is a DUI. If you're under 21, you get pulled over, and have an alcohol level of over 0.02%, according to the "zero tolerance" law, you can be charged. Definitions for DUI BAC is blood alcohol content, the 0.08% number. Zero tolerance is a law used across every state which targets drivers under the legal drinking age. Michigan also uses the "implied consent" law, where if you refuse to be tested for BAC, your license can be suspended and you face other penalties. Penalties for Michigan DUI Charges Michigan penalties vary depending on the nature of the DUI offense, if you are a repeat offender, and if you hurt someone. If you frequently get DUI and/or drive with a suspended license, you can expect jail time. The same is the case if you hurt someone while driving under the influence of alcohol. For your first DUI offense, you can expect a 6 month license suspension,. as well as both education and treatment assessment. For a second offense, your license can be suspended for 1 year or more, you are again forced to take alcohol education and treatment, your vehicle can be confiscated, and you can expect to use a Ignition Interlock Device when you do get your license back. For a third offense, the penalties all get stiffer. You can typically expect jail time, extended license suspensions, and harsh fines. In any case, you'll need a DUI lawyer to help .The best thing you can do is to be safe and never drink and drive. It's just not worth it.