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Memphis DUI

Summer is in full swing in Tennessee’s River City and from Beale Street to Graceland residents are enjoying warmer weather and longer days.  Celebrations include everything from family backyard barbeques to festivals and street fairs.  But for those who combine drinking and driving with their summer fun, the lazy days by the pool may come to quick end. Drunk driving is a serious crime in the state of Tennessee.  Laws are passed each year to increase the severity of the punishments that drivers may face and law enforcement agencies are always on the lookout for those who have had too much and get behind the wheel. If you have been arrested for DUI in the Memphis area, you are facing a lengthy, uphill battle to retain your driver’s license.  The laws related to DUI are complex and the proceedings required to deal with these cases will take a significant amount of time and energy.  The best thing you can do is to seek out an experienced DUI attorney to review your case and recommend the best action for you.  Such a legal professional has seen hundreds of cases just like yours and is well-aware of the current laws related to DUI cases. When you were arrested for DUI, the arresting officer requested that you take a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  The chemical tests require you to provide a breathe or blood sample.  You have the right to refuse to submit to this test, but if you do your license will be suspended to 1-2 years. The legal limit for intoxication in the state of Tennessee is .08%.  If you did submit to the chemical test and are convicted of DUI as a result, you may lose your license as well.  However, you will have the opportunity to apply for a restricted license if yours is suspended.  A restricted license will enable you to drive to specific places during specific times of day.  These special circumstances include driving to your workplace, to an alcohol treatment program, to a college or university if you are currently enrolled as a full-time student, and to any appointments required by the court. First time offenders for DUI face numerous penalties: fines of at least $350, required participation in DUI school, and a minimum of 48 hours spent in jail.  These penalties increase if your BAC is .20 or greater. As you can see, a DUI case is not a matter to be taken lightly.  Take action today by speaking with an experienced DUI lawyer.