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Memorial Day celebrations and DUI arrests

Law enforcement was out in full force this Memorial Day weekend. Not only were they looking for motorists who were driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and violating other traffic laws, they were also out on the lakes arresting boaters who were suspected of boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the California Highway Patrol maintained a maximum enforcement period this Memorial Day holiday through 11:59 p.m. Monday with all available officers deployed during the effort. Officers also set up DUI/driver’s license checkpoints throughout the county and conducted DUI saturation patrols as part of their intra-agency Memorial Day efforts. As expected, the great weather on Memorial Day brought thousands of college and high school students celebrating graduation. Partiers were encouraged to avoid drinking and driving and to refuse to get into the car if the driver had too much to drink.

Almost 500 drivers arrested at DUI checkpoints on Memorial Day

  According to reports, the DUI checkpoints were successful with almost 500 drivers nabbed through Sunday night, according to the Los Angeles County Glendora police official. This was 30 less arrests than last year. The checkpoints were part of California’s “Avoid the 100 Los Angeles County DUI Campaign” which was funded in part by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Connecticut state police announced they were investigating 261 motor vehicle accidents, 44 of which reported injuries. No fatal accidents have been reported. They also issued 1,112 speeding violations, 876 seat belt violations, 3,683 hazardous moving violations and made 44 DWI arrests. According to the Connecticut Courant, “In 2013, 281 accidents were recorded over Memorial Day Weekend, two were considered fatal. 1,941 speeding tickets were issued and 718 seat belt violations were reported. 57 DUI arrests were also made in 2013.”

Broward County Judge arrested for DUI

  In other DUI news in Florida, a Broward County judge was arrested Tuesday on a charge of driving under the influence. According to reports, Judge Lynn Rosenthal was driving her BMW sport utility vehicle when she hit a parked car in a parking lot of the county courthouse. Judge Lynn Rosenthal has been a judge for the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida since she was appointed to the position by Governor Rick Scott in 2012. Prior to her work as a judge she was a federal prosecutor. She is not the first judge to be arrested in Florida this month. Judge Gisele Pollack, another Broward County judge, was arrested less than a month ago on DUI charges in Plantation. Judge Gisele Pollack was suspended from the bench without pay Friday by the Florida Supreme Court.

Penalties for Florida DUI

  Drivers arrested for a DUI in Florida may have their license suspended, be required to pay penalties and fines and may face time in jail. Talk to a DUI lawyer if you have been arrested for DUI.
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