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Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks arrested for Drunk Driving

The California Highway Patrol confirms they have arrested Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch for driving under the influence (DUI) in Oakland, California, this weekend. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"]Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills[/caption] Lynch was reportedly arrested early Saturday in Emeryville, California. He submitted to a chemical test, although reports were unclear as to whether he took a breath or blood test. He was cited for DUI and released after a brief stay at the Santa Rita Jail. The Alameda County district attorney's office has yet to determine whether or not charges will be filed and no further details of the California DUI arrest were available at this time. Police Officer Peter van Eckhardt confirmed that information concerning the DUI arrest would be sent to the D.A. within the next few days. Monday the Seattle Seahawks issues a statement claiming they were aware of the incident, although they had no comment until they gathered additional evidence about the California DUI arrest. Marshawn Terrell Lynch is currently a running back for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He signed a four year deal worth 31 million in March of this year that ensures he will remain with the team. He was first drafted by the Buffalo Bills as a first round draft pick in 2007, but after his career stalled in 2010, he was traded to the Bills. Lynch is no stranger to the law. He had a gun charge in 2009 in California and was required to perform community service and probation. He was suspended for three games by the NFL for this offense. In 2008 he was also charged with a hit and run in New York where he admitted to hitting a woman with his car and leaving the scene of the accident after leaving Buffalo, New York’s downtown bar district. Lynch has not had any recent legal troubles since he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks, and he successfully rushed for 1,204 yards and 12 touchdowns last season.

Hiring a DUI lawyer in California

  It is illegal in the state of California to operate a motorized vehicle if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs or if you are operating a motorized vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit of 0.08%. Violators of California’s DUI laws face severe civil and criminal penalties. Drivers who refuse to take a chemical test after a DUI arrest may have their license suspended under an administrative license suspension for one year for a first offense and two years for a second test refusal within the 10 year look back period. Drivers convicted of drunk driving will also face criminal penalties including 3 to 5 years of probation, fines of $1400 to $1800 (generally paid within 45 days of the DUI conviction, although the court may allow it to be paid over time for an additional charge), a suspended license for up to 6 months, and mandatory attendance in a DUI school (the amount of hours required can vary).  Contact a DUI lawyer if you need help with a California DUI.
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