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Marijuana laced edibles brought to Denver middle school

Think driving under the influence is all we need to worry about? Think again. With the legalization of marijuana and the increased accessibility for everyone, not just legally aged adults, we are likely to hear many more stories like the one reported this week by CBS Denver. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="350"]English: one high-quality "bud " nug... English: one high-quality "bud " nugget of marijuana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] Apparently, there were three students arrested and several others facing suspension from school for bringing marijuana laced “edibles” to their middle school in Adams County, Colorado. After the edibles were found the school launched a full investigation at Shaw Heights Middle School, near Westminster. According to reports from the school, up to fifteen students were involved in the incident which was noticed after several of the students “appeared high” in class. Of the fifteen students, four will face expulsion from school while another eleven could face suspension.

How did marijuana get to the school?

  Although the investigation is ongoing, reports indicate that one student brought the treats to class and shared them with their friends. Then a teacher noticed that some of the kids were “acting strangely” during class. The marijuana, which apparently was put into small candies, was disguised enough that some of the kids who consumed the drug were unwilling participants. This incident has led some to question whether or not parents and teachers have done enough to make their children aware of the dangers of marijuana use. Several Colorado schools have launched an awareness campaign since the legalization laws have been enacted, but experts and some parents argue more could be done to help kids understand what they need to do if they come in contact with the drug. The district agrees there are some real concerns and kids are much more likely to be exposed to the drug now that it has been legalized for recreational use. They also recognize that incidents like this are likely to increase too. So what do you do if this is happening at your school? The district says these are the type of events that provide “teachable moments” for children. Parents can no longer put their heads in the sand and act like their kids are not going to be exposed to marijuana.

What did you expect?

  The real question is what did the state of Colorado expect? When you increase the availability and legalize its use it seems disingenuous and naïve not to expect kids to get a hold of the drug. Even the president has downplayed the significance and dangers of pot use. But what we don’t know are the long-term ramifications of pot use and how this will affect the state of Colorado. Even the current governor of California has recognized that a state full of high citizens isn’t what we need to propel our nation forward. If parents smoke pot and kids see them, they’re less likely to pay attention to dire warnings of the dangers of pot use and more likely to see your use of the drug as a green light to use the drug too.
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