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Lifetime license suspension for drunk driving

When will I get a lifetime license suspension?

Driving is a privilege, not a right. If you violate state traffic laws or if you are arrested for multiple drunk driving convictions you may eventually face a lifetime license suspension.

When will the state give me a lifetime license suspension?

State laws vary but most states will give a driver a lifetime license suspension if they are charged with a third or fourth DUI conviction. Other dangerous acts which may result in a lifetime license suspension include aggravated vehicular homicide, involuntary manslaughter, reckless operation, and vehicular assault. Recently on our DUI forum we had a user ask if they should bother trying to get the suspension lifted or if there were other options for getting a driver’s license so they could go to work.

When can I get a hardship license for work?

Although you won’t be able to get a lifetime license ban lifted a hardship license may be available so you can return to work. A hardship license is a restricted license issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles or Department of Public Safety in your state. The purpose of this license is to allow you to continue to work, go to school or attend medical visits. If you are a habitual traffic offender in some states you can seek a hardship or probationary license only after you have served a certain number of years of your license suspension. For instance, in Indiana if you have received a combination of 3 DUI or driving on a suspended license convictions, you can seek a probationary license after 5 years. This assumes that you have not violated the suspension by being arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle while being a Habitual Traffic Violator. Florida also recently changed their laws to allow an individual convicted of four (4) or more DUI’s to get an “employment purpose only” permit and eventually to obtain a “business purposes only” permit. If you have four DUI convictions and you apply for a hardship license after October 1, 2011, you may qualify if, on that date, you have not driven for five (5) years after the DUI conviction and release date. As you can see, states have very different laws so without knowing more about your particular situation it’s tough to provide great advice. The best thing to do is to talk to a drunk driving lawyer or the DPS in your state and find out when you can apply for a hardship license.

Hiring a DUI lawyer after a lifetime license suspension

Do you need a lawyer to straighten out the license suspension issues for you? Probably not, but it will take some effort and time to negotiate through the process of having a hearing, paying the fines and penalties and getting everything done to ensure your get your hardship license.
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