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Justin Bieber DUI trial to begin in March 2014

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, we could see Justin Bieber, the Canadian born pop-star sensation, in court before a Miami-Dade County Judge as early as March 3rd. Justin Bieber will have to present his case defending himself against charges of drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. Justin Bieber at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Justin Bieber will be officially arraigned this month on February 14th, but the 19-year-old pop star will have to face the court and let them decide if he is guilty of all three of his misdemeanor charges. His attorneys have already filed a written plea of not guilty.

What did Justin Bieber do?

  According to reports of the incident last month, Bieber and a fellow musician Khalil Sharieff were arrested for drag racing early in the morning when they were stopped by Miami police. The police offered Bieber a field sobriety test, which he submitted to and failed at the scene. Later at the police station, Justin Bieber submitted to a breathalyzer test, which he also failed. Later indications from his toxicology reports, which were made public, proved he was under the influence of marijuana and Alprazolam, the key ingredient in Xanax. Not only is it illegal to operate a motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol. It is illegal in every state to operate a motorized vehicle under the influence of narcotics. Additionally, even in states where marijuana is legal, drivers can be arrested if they have too much of the drug in their system or if they are unable to safely drive with any amount of marijuana in their system. Additionally, drivers who cannot operate their cars safely while under the influence of prescription medications can also be charged with driving under the influence. Directions for medications should be reviewed prior to driving any type of motorized vehicle. Some medications also specifically note that they should not be used if a driver is going to drive.

Justin Bieber and his legal issues

  Unfortunately, this Canadian bad boy has had a series of minor legal offenses he has committed over the last several years. Some critics have started to wonder if he should be deported back to his home country. While Bieber remains in the United States only by the good graces of the U.S. government, immigration officials note he probably has not committed any illegal activities which rise to the level of deportation. In addition to his DUI court case, he will also have to answer for a pending vandalism charge against a neighbor’s house in which he is accused of egging and for an assault charge, which is pending. According to some reports, it was a member of his entourage who was involved in the assault and not Justin Bieber. If you have been involved in a DUI like Justin Bieber, it’s important that you get legal help as soon as possible. DUI is a serious offence and even first time DUI offenders can get severe penalties and fines and may not be able to have the charges expunged from their driving records.
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