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Justin Bieber close to plea deal in DUI arrest

Although Justin Bieber debated whether or not to make a plea deal when he was initially charged with driving under the influence because he did not want to be subjected to random drug testing, New York Daily News now reports he may be ready to make a deal. Justin Bieber In fact, Justin Bieber’s lawyers have been working out a deal for the pop star to plead to no contest reckless driving. Unfortunately, this means Justin Bieber could be getting off easy and may not face charges for the more serious crimes of resisting arrest, driving without a license or driving under the influence.

Case against Justin Bieber is strong

  If Justin Bieber does get a plea deal he should count himself very lucky. He was arrested in Miami in January for DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license, but he was also apparently drag racing. What’s even more troubling for Justin Bieber is that he made a confession to the cops that he was under the influence of prescription medications and alcohol at the time of the DUI arrest, including marijuana, codeine and other prescription drugs. If the deal is accepted it’s likely he will only get one year probation as well as pay fines. Justin Bieber may also get something else he’s been fighting for- a reprieve against random drug testing.

Do celebrities get away with more crimes?

  This plea agreement for the Canadian bad boy has left many of us wondering if there are two standards of justice: one for the entitled celebrity and the other for the common folk. Critics of the justice system say of course there is…look no further than the not guilty verdict for O.J. Simpson. But what about other celebrities and their crimes? There’s some proof that people such as Naomi Campbell who pleaded guilty to assaulting her maid in 2007, but was allowed to cop to a misdemeanor, may have gotten special treatment. Others like the non-celebrity woman accused of stalking Alec Baldwin and his wife received no such celebrity justice and was sentenced to seven months in jail. This story is even more astonishing because Naomi Campbell had been accused of beating on the help no fewer than 10 times between 1998 and 2008. She was also originally charged with felony assault and could have received up to seven years in prison if she’d been convicted. Well, that’s New York but what about in Los Angeles? It’s the same story. Chris Brown was given only community service when he beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna. Another Rapper 50 Cent was also given a light sentence of probation for destroying his ex-girlfriend’s condominium. It could also be argued it’s not just “celebrity” that helps get you a lighter sentence. Recently we heard news about a DuPont heir, Robert H. Richards IV who received only probation after a conviction of raping his daughter. According to the judge, Richards would not “fare well” in prison. Huh? Does anyone fare well in prison, especially those convicted of rape? But I’ve got a better question- do we really want them to? And couldn’t someone like Justin Bieber learn some valuable lessons in prison? Guess we’ll never know.
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