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Justin Bieber arraignment for DUI on February 14th

Rolling Stone reports Justin Bieber could spend his Valentine’s Day in a Miami courtroom. The teen pop sensation will be arraigned in Miami on February 14th on charges that he was driving with an expired license, he resisted arrest and he was driving under the influence. Image representing Justin Bieber as depicted i... Most likely, however, the star will allow his attorney, Roy Black to make the court appearance and enter Justin Bieber’s plea on his client’s behalf. According to the law, Justin Bieber is not legally required to appear in person at the arraignment.

Justin Bieber arrested for DUI

  Most of you have heard the news by now. But if not, the nineteen year old Canadian singer was arrested for drag racing a rented yellow Lamborghini with fellow musician Khalil Sharieff last Thursday morning in Miami Beach. Justin Bieber took a field sobriety test at the scene, which he failed, then was later given a breathalyzer test at the police station. According to reports, the Justin Bieber was later formally charged with resisting arrest (non-violently) for cussing and swearing at the police officers while they arrested him, DUI and driving with an expired license. Justin Bieber was later released on $2,500 bond while the paparazzi and fans looked on. He was seen leaving the police station waving to fans.

Can Bieber be deported back to Canada?

  Lest we forget, Justin Bieber is here in the United States by the good graces of our government and its citizens. So how much legal trouble will force the authorities to deport him back home to Canada? Apparently egging a neighbor’s house and getting arrested for DUI is unlikely to do it, although people are once again taking advantage of the White House's online petitions, asking the government to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada. According to some online statements, “Bieber’s actions are dangerous, reckless, and destructive.” There is no doubt his latest stunt did threaten the safety of other drivers, and he continues to be a negative influence on the American youth, although one could argue he’d have to be sent further away then Canada to negate his influence. What will the White House do? Now the petition has over 72,000 signatures, and if it reaches 100,000 by February 22nd, the Obama administration will have to respond to it.

How serious do charges have to be to get deported?

  Most experts agree that the immigration laws can be nebulous and judges do have some discretion, but Bieber’s offenses most likely do not rise to the level of deportation. There was a raid early this month at Bieber’s house but apparently the drugs they found in the raid were determined not to belong to Bieber but rather his friend Lil Za, who was arrested for possession of drugs.

What can we expect?

  At next month’s arraignment we can expect Justin Bieber to plead innocent to the charges or his defense attorney will try to negotiate some type of plea agreement. Bieber will most likely learn little from this incident and we’ll continue to hear about the latest bad boy on the nightly news.
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